July 1-4, 2016 DARLINGTON, MD

an experiment in self expression
through music and the arts


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What, Where, When Guide Released!

Plan your adventure at PEX Summer Fest!!  Check out the 2016 Guide


PEX Summer Fest Newsletter - May 17th

Art grant installations have been unveiled!  2016 Workshop lineup has been announced!  Read about this and more in our newsletter!


PEX Summer Fest Newsletter - May 3rd

Take a sneak peak at this year's art grants... read about the upcoming Fashion Show, make some friends at Uncle Frank's Hostel on ArtCabin Row..... and more!


2016 Fashion Show

Calling all designers, by trade or by hobby! This year a Fashion Show is being organized at PEX Summer Festival by members of our community.  We wish to feature any and all wearable art procured from the PEX community. Featured designs will be limited to *handmade* items only. There are a limited number of runway spots available for this event so please make your Runway submission before May 31st. Time, date and location TBA. 


Uncle Frank's Hostels return to ArtCabin Row

Frank's Old Timey Hostels will once again be nestled smack dab in the middle of ArtCabin™ Row. Book a bed in a shared dorm at the hostel and as ol' Frank would say, "when you're in the same boat, strangers don't stay strangers very long."   Book your bed now!  No ticket code needed.


PEX Summer Fest Newsletter - April 19th

Read more about Center Camp Performers, Family Camp, how to host your own event, and this year's newest addition.. the Speakeasy!


This year, a Cross-Temporal Speakeasy!

Curated nights of craft cocktails, live stage performance, gambling, and "stock” trading await you inside this notorious and completely re-envisioned barn experience. With a multitude of DJs and musical acts, the dancing and carousing will go on well into the early morning, giving you an opportunity to transport yourself to a timeless state where prohibitions disappear and the truth flows free and liquid.

Where will you find this Speakeasy? Ask around... it's waiting for you.   


Submit your Event for listing in the wWw Guide

Are you hosting an event at PEX Summer Fest?  Submit the info to us for inclusion in the 2016 What, Where, When Guide!


BRC Ranger Training

PEX is once again sponsoring BRC Ranger training in conjunction with The Black Rock Rangers. Are you interested in attending this training before PEX Summer Fest (on Thursday, June 30th at 9:30am)? 

Sign up now: BRC Ranger Training


Russian Roulette Variety Show

Auditions for the Russian Roulette Variety Show 2016 are now open until May 10th! The Russian Roulette Variety Show is part of a PEX tradition of stellar performance art, utilizing a traveling sideshow style framework to highlight the incredible talent that our community has to offer. We cordially invite you to audition to participate in a delicious evening of carnival alchemy, dance, fire, magic, and more! Follow the link to the audition page and for any questions, please contact Jex or Xtiina via 


PEX Summer Fest Newsletter - April 5th

Read more about Theme Camps, ArtCabins, Vendor Row, BRC Ranger Training and the Russian Roulette Variety Show!


Vendor Applications are Open!

PEX Summer Festival Vendor applications are open! Once again PEX Summer Festival we will be hosting a quality Merchant Village! If you are interested in vending read more on our Vendor participation page.


PEX Summer Festival Invitations have gone out!

The first batch PEX Summer Festival Invitations have gone out as of March 8th! If you did not receive yours check your promotions tab on your Gmail Inbox or Request an Invitation! See the Ticketing Page for more info.


Theme Camp & ArtCabin Row submissions open!

Think you have what it takes to keep the vibe right? We think so too! Tell us about your Theme Camp and ArtCabin and let us know how you will add to the cultural fabric of our event! We want to encourage all unique groups and environment creators to have a presence in our festival of art and expression.


2016 Art Grant and Workshop application time!

Art Grants, Special Events Grants and Workshop applications are open!  It’s that time of year to start presenting your ideas and getting ready for PEX Summer Festival.  The application periods vary so check out the pages under the Participate drop-down menu for more information.  

Applications for Theme Camps, ArtCabin Row, Vending and Volunteers will be available shortly!


New ticket item for 2016 - Car Parking Passes

For several years now, we’ve had more cars needing to be parked than there were actually spaces to park them. And while we didn’t want to reduce the ticket cap even further (we think that’s at a perfect number), we thought: hey, there might be plan to provide a monetary incentive to car-share, while concurrently raising art grant money at a 100% ratio. So…

This year, in order to control the number of cars on site, all cars that arrive will be required to pre-purchase a parking pass OR a car camping pass.  A limited number will be sold and we highly encourage our community to share rides!  

All money that comes in through Parking Passes will go directly towards growing the Art Grant funds for 2016.


PEX Summer Fest will again be held at Ramblewood!

The Philadelphia Experiment is excited to announce the Eighth Annual PEX Summer Festival July 1-4 at Camp Ramblewood in Darlington, Maryland.  PEX Summer Festival is a multifaceted, multi-dimensional music & art celebration! We will be uniting for three days of amazing music, art, education, and participatory, shared experience.


This year, to celebrate and recognize the participants and lifeblood of the entire PEX community, we will be gathering for an intimate collective experience. For this reason, PEX Summer Festival is by invitation only.  


We are honored to have the contributions of such an amazing and multi-talented group of energetic people at our events. YOU have been the reason PEX has been able to do so much with so little. This event is an opportunity for people of all shapes and sizes to come out and show us the beauty of our integrative efforts. We know that every moment of time, every bit of energy, that is contributed will aid in fostering the mission of PEX as we construct experiences that nurture the evolution of the human spirit.

We are sending out a call to YOU, to come and help us make this weekend the best it possibly can be for yourself and the people you love. Giving in and of itself is an act of receiving, and volunteering is an easy and simple access point to feeling the warm embrace of our shared vitality.

We value participation in the creation of this summer festival and encourage you to let us know how you would like to be a part of this event. Applications to participate in activities such as art installations, performances, workshops and theme camps are now open!

If you have attended PEX Summer Festival as a paid ticket holder, within the past 2 years, you will receive an invite.  If you did not, Request an Invitation!

If you participated as staff, performer, art grant recipient, etc, and were on a guest list or had your ticket comp’d, you will receive an invite shortly. If you do not, Request an Invitation!

If you have attended PEX Summer Festival more than 2 years ago and would like to participate, Request an Invitation!

If you are new to PEX Summer Festival and would like participate, Request an Invitation!

You can also tell us how you want to participate outside of these activities by clicking to Request an Invitation!

We are thrilled to see what you all bring to this magical event! We know that the adventure is ours to create TOGETHER, and we are joyously awaiting the journey we are about to embark on as a TEAM! Whoever you are, whatever you do, we look forward to learning, growing and sharing in this exploratory collaboration!

The site will be updated as the event continues to evolve. Check back often for the most recent additions to our exciting new experience!