July 1-4, 2016 DARLINGTON, MD

an experiment in self expression
through music and the arts

Lineup :: Performers


Center Camp Open Mic Center Camp
Friday 7pm & Saturday 6pm @ Center Camp
Coal Dust Dogs
Saturday 5:30pm @ Center Camp
Elana L'Amour & La Luna
Friday 6:30 pm @ Center Camp
JoAnn and Friends
Sunday 5pm @ Center Camp
Kuf Knotz : Rap, Rhymes & Rhythm Tracks
Friday 6pm @ Center Camp
Kuf Knotz and Lady Omni mc
Sunday 5:30pm @ Center Camp
Lady Omni mc : Rhymes & Raps
Friday 5:30pm @ Center Camp
Lounge Lizard : Protest Puppet Performance Art
Saturday 4:10pm @ Center Camp
Oshun : Ritual Music, Movement & Dance
Friday 5pm & Sunday 6pm @ Center Camp
PEX Artisan Fashion Show
Friday Night 8:00 PM @ the Basketball Court
Plum Dragoness
Saturday 5pm & Sunday 6pm @ Center Camp
Rob Potter : Solo Saxophone
Saturday 3pm @ Center Camp
Roland Marconi of The Special Interests
Saturday 4:30pm @ Center Camp
Russian Roulette Variety Show
Friday Night, 8:30 pm @ the Basketball Court
Vibrational Sound Healing Jam Session
Sunday 12am @ Center Camp