July 1-4, 2016 DARLINGTON, MD

an experiment in self expression
through music and the arts

Participate :: Volunteering


Participation is a core value of our community.  In fact you must be particpating in order to attend PEX Summer Festival.  PEX Summer Festival is able to be the magical experience it is only when each person contributes and is a participant! 

There are so many ways in which to do this at PEX Summer Festival and one of those ways is by Volunteering for teams and activities that help our community run!  We recognize your time as a gift and we want to help you find a volunteer activity that will strengthen your ties to our community.


Here are a few ways in which you can contribute!

  • Festival Setup and Break Down- put your back into it, and work those hands with the PEX Posse!
  • Flag and direct incoming vehicles and help us create an orderly parking lot for Exodus.
  • Assist with parking - wear cool hats and meet new friends!
  • First Aid and Sanctuary Team - Safety first, yo!
  • Assist with preparations for our Effigy Burn.
  • Center Camp Cafe and Performance Stage
  • Provide helpful information and flashmob musicals at our Participation Station!
  • Patrol for MOOP
  • Get involved in a PEX Posse build project in the months leading up to the festival.  Email us for info on available projects.


Setup (must arrive Tuesday or Wednesday of that week) and Breakdown (must stay for breakdown/cleanup on Sunday evening and Monday) are reimbursed the cost of their ticket when they fulfill 16 hours. There is a very limited amount of Setup reimbursement/work exchange opportunities this year.

If you just want to give back, we have opportunities for that, too!  Volunteer shift slots are only 2 hours each and you can feel free to volunteer in multiple departments! 


Requirements for Work-Exchange (Reimbursement) Participants

You must have submitted your application by May 15th!

If you are interested in our work-exchange program for a reimbursed event ticket, you can fill out your application here! *Note* Applications will go live on March 20th. We will have limited spots available so please fill out your application as soon as they go live!

Participants are requested to fill out an application. If you have been accepted you will receive an invitation code for ticket purchase, if you have not already recieved one. Tickets must be purchased prior to the event as a deposit and the face value of the ticket will be refunded to you after the full completion of your shifts or duties and within 2 weeks after the event.

You will be notified of your selection status after you sign up. If you do not complete your volunteer requirements, you will forfeit your ticket and the deposit will not be returned.


Acting as part of the workforce that supports the very fiber of our events is an honor and a privilege. The organizers of this event feel blessed to be a part of all that this community is doing. We are looking for more people who share this view and will honor responsibility as a blessing in making this event happen.

Please contact Daisy Dukes and the PEX Participation Team at with any questions, comments, or suggestions.