July 1-4, 2016 DARLINGTON, MD

an experiment in self expression
through music and the arts

Lineup :: Artist Installations


Balloon Chain & Projection Art
ChaCha, Sandhi F., Cara C., Brendon G. & Christie T.
Christmas in July v2
Amanda Woade
Consensual Portrait Deux
Bridget Moriarty
Great Bear
Steve Shorts
Herb Labyrinth
Farmer Liz and The Imaginarium
Josephine the Colossal Skeletal Marionette
Christian Breeden, Jessica Eberlin, Randy Randerson
Kinesis: The Electric Garden v6.0, Featuring The Imaginarium's Traveling Light Table
Wendell Adkins, Aned Ruiz, Ben Gardiner, Michelle Gonnering, TD Smith
Light Tunnel
Eddie Bee and Zoe Liz
Metamorphic Minds
Alicia Rennekamp
Orb Generator
Gaetan Spurgin and Skye Ruozzi
Matt Jastremski
Pool Entry Experience
Hotspot & Tina Inky
Propane Dancefloor
Knagi Saki
Tracy Gillan
Ripple 2016
Chris Ryan
Spaceship Lounge
Zeut Ryot and Captain Shaggy
Table Top Tennis
Kamp Kounselors
Tea Lab Funk Buddha
Greg Miller
The Blacklight Forest
The Playing Mantis Crew
The DomeStar
NYC Resistor and members of the NYC Burner community
The Imaginarium
Matt & Laura Vitale and the Imagineers
The Lotus Lavvu
Laurie Ann and Sharyn Giggles
The Orb The Pit and The Antenna
Eric Coolidge, Taylor Browning, Eric Whitney & Hannah MacDonald
The Spin Cycle
Justin Miller
Time Saving Device
Charles Ward
Wanderer Passport
Tom Eshchar