July 1-4, 2016 DARLINGTON, MD

an experiment in self expression
through music and the arts

Participate :: Family Camp


“Teach them young what we learn late.” ~Anonymous

A family focused village existing as a safe haven supporting families to radically engage and actively participate in PEX Summer Festival.

“Our Fantastical Family Camp”


Family Camp registration is OPEN!

Family Camp is a place where families with little Pexies can come together to participate and enjoy everything PEX Summer Festival has to offer, while still having the support of other families around them. If you are interested in joining Family Camp and want to guarantee placement within the family camping area, fill out the form and GET READY to share your skills, positivity and gifts.

REGISTRATION is open from April 5th until May 15th so don’t delay!

All families must register with family camp in order to be guaranteed placement and use of amenities in camp (communcal shade tent, kids toys and activities, and more). To plan our camp effectively and safely we must be prepared by knowing what and who to expect. Thank you in advance for your participation in creating a phenomenal Family Camp this summer 2016 at PEX SUMMER Festival!!

LOVE KIDS and want to participate in FAMILY CAMP?

We are always looking for creative and excited individuals who want to participate in camp by hosting a dance party, organizing games or experiences, sharing art, read a story, share a puppet show, showcase flow arts, magic show, share a live instrument, share some science, share your passion for LNT, design principles and more.

Our families and children would be honored to have you be a guest in our camp who can share your beautiful gifts to expand minds, enrich the senses and create community connections. Contact our Camp Lead MAMA WING at and share what you’d like to to gift to Family Camp


Want to learn more?! 

Please let us know if you are interested in receiving more information about our family camping area and activities.